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It has been suggested that the increasing pace of change in fashion in the West is due to an unstable and somewhat scattered culture. This could potentially have something in it... until the last fifty or so years fashion in Japan had remained fairly similar for several hundred years. Britain specifically has lost many elements of its culture, despite the Diamond Jubilee coming up. We are no longer allowed to say 'Merry Christmas' but are asked to politely say 'Happy Holidays.' All we have as a trademark of England is afternoon tea, the monarchy and a slight inability to hold our booze when on holiday, so is it any wonder that the English prescribe to the ever changing fashions with more commitment than most other countries? Madly enough, the changeover from 'cool' to 'so last year' is on the increase, and although there are some staples that we have stayed faithful to (eg. The LBD or the denim jacket) we are getting through clothes like never before. I have heard of so many people discarding clothing because 'they have already worn them once.' It seems at the moment that a bit of everything is in fashion. You could go for a solid pair of skinny jeans of a floaty pair of flares, or a pair of chinos! But the question is, what next wacky craze is just around the corner? More Info
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