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Published Bi-Monthly  6 issues per year

About Campagne Decoration Magazine

For me, nothing can really beat rustic and vintage interior design. Softened brickwork, wooden beams and chipped paint or tiles, far from shabby, these little details give a place character, like it's been lived in. Our modern world in filled with cold plastic and I think, what with the ever growing stresses of 2012, people are looking for a bit of insurance. What I mean by this is that, if an old leather trunk has been used, passed down generations and is still in good nick, then it's a quality piece that won't fall apart in a few weeks. People are pulling their purse strings tighter and tighter, so the fact that things which are a little worn are bounding back into fashion has to be a bit of a relief. So what if that gate hasn't been repainted in fifteen years? Darling, it's shabby chic! If, like me, you are on a miniscule budget but fancy doing up your place a bit like those gorgeous homes in Campagne Decoration, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, hit the charity shops! I am always coming across little gems tucked away behind bits of chewed on lego or a pair of 90's Hawaiian shorts. For storage, a great look are some simple wartime leather suitcases, which can be found for super cheap on sites like eBay or Gumtree. It's simple. Just go and have a little explore for things like lace curtains, dusty lampshades and dark wooden furniture. Combine that with a lick of white paint, and you are good to go! More Info
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About Campagne Decoration

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