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Published Monthly  12 issues per year

About Guerin Sportivo Magazine

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the simple age of Guerin Sportivo. Being published since 1912 means that it is currently the grand old age of 100 years old - if it was English it would have had its telegram from the queen by now. One hundred years of covering sport, now that's highly impressive. To put it into perspective, you can employ a little trick we always like to use. If the magazine was founded 100 years ago in 1912, then 100 years ago for those who started the magazine was 1812. That's right, if you travelled as far back in time as you do forward from the point that this illustrious sporting journal began, then you go back to a time when Napoleon was not only still alive but he was just weighing up the possibilities and consequences of invading Russia with his Grand Armee, something that turned out to be a blunder. In 1812, Britain and America were at war, one that would last for three years and result in Britain capturing and then burning Washington D.C, something now unimaginable. 1912 is as far away to us as 1812 was to those who founded Guerin Sportivo. Think about that the next time you read a copy, and feel free to employ this world changing trick on any of your other favourite old-established publications. More Info
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About Guerin Sportivo

Issues per Year: 12
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Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Magazine Cafe

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