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About Histoire(Coll de L') Magazine

It is always fascinating in history to read something authored and published by those from a different country. Think back to the days of doing history - that might be quite far back for some of us - and remember the topics you were taught. For the most part it will be the First World War, the Second World War, maybe a bit of the Russian revolutions, The Tudors (particularly Henry the Eighth) and maybe the Normans and Anglo-Saxons. What is notable about them for the most part is that they were periods of British history, and even when not they were taught with the overhanging question of how did the affect Britain? It is incredibly refreshing then to see history from a different perspective - to see people question 'how did this affect France?' or any of the many different countries in the world. When you start from a perspective like that different events, different actions and different people take on new levels of importance What may seem trivial in terms of how it affected Britain may have had huge implications for France. It is the study of history form a variety of perspectives that gives academic history its true worth. More Info
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About Histoire(Coll de L')

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