La Cucina Italiana Special Magazine




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Published Quarterly  4 issues per year

About La Cucina Italiana Special Magazine

It always seems to be just about lunchtime when I sit down to write a description of a food magazine. I flick through the pages, gazing at the delicious looking meals and hungering after them. Maybe it's because we appreciate good food here at Newsstand, or maybe it's simply because we have a great appetite, but whatever is the case we're always only about 5 minutes away from heading out for a snack. The hobbits of Lord of The Rings fame had the right idea - seven meals a day: breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, tea, supper and dinner. Now, I want to talk to you abut a word. Brunch. Obviously a composite word of breakfast and lunch, it seems to serve its purpose well enough at first glance. Yet, when you consider the alternative option, you wonder why on earth they didn't choose 'Lunchfast'. Such a great word, delectably grandiose and uncompromisingly English sounding, Lunchfast (yes, it needs the capital L) may be more of a mouthful, but t sounds like it would guarantee you a much bigger mouthful of food than a simple brunch would. Brunch sounds like the worst of both worlds, whilst Lunchfast is a meal that you could really get your teeth into. Join me then, as we march upon parliament, and claim for ourselves the officiality of Lunchfast. More Info
4 Issues / Quarterly
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About La Cucina Italiana Special

Issues per Year: 4
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 weeks
Publishing Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher Name: Magazine Cafe

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