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Published Quarterly  4 issues per year

About L'officiel Art Magazine

If there are two things that go together well, they are France and food. Think of eating a fresh baguette filled with sumptuous brie, washed down with a fine glass of... Oh, wait, my apologies, let me start again. If there are two things that go together well, they are France and art. The French know how to live well, as shown by their appreciation of excellent food (phew, made that bit at the top relevant!) and food. The best art is often produced by someone who is slightly crazy. It takes a mind free of the usual rational thoughts and concerns to come up with some of the concepts behind the strangest yet thought- and emotion-provoking artworks. Within the French culture there is the space for people to live a life of difference, of strangeness. After all, this a culture that created and embraced Absinthe, the drink referred to as the green fairy that was notorious for resulting in hallucinations and was thus favoured by poets and artists. It is no surprise then that L'Officiel is full of the striking, strange yet wonderful pieces that characterise the art world that have sprung from that most fertile of soil. Vive la France! More Info
4 Issues / Quarterly
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About L'officiel Art

Issues per Year: 4
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