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Published Monthly  12 issues per year

About Longitude Magazine

Longitude really is a very well produced publication. This Italian magazine manages to find a perfect balance point between breadth and depth of coverage, bringing you a huge variety of different issues and pieces of news from across the world without ever feeling like they are skimming over the top of a topic. It's always good to see a magazine with a nicely global viewpoint. Although this magazine is Italian there is never a sense that the issues are covered simply from the perspective of 'what does this mean for Italy?', something that seems all too common in British publications. It's a hugely valuable thing, to have an understanding of how the world works, how the gears and wheels turn that help keep the world from imploding, the little nudges here and there that the system needs, and where the world perhaps needs a little improving. When we were young (a long time ago now) we were never taught any of this stuff in school. Perhaps it is different now, but we're far from convinced. The most we were ever taught about the world was in geography or RE, and they hardly covered the topics in significant depth. Why should we stick to the established, traditional subjects? Let's do something different, and teach a currently relevant subject such as Global Culture and Politics. It may not sound exciting, but things that are necessary never do. More Info
12 Issues / Monthly
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About Longitude

Issues per Year: 12
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