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12 Issues: $55.00

As the most widely read art magazine in the world, ARTnews is read by collectors, dealers, historians, artists, and curators in 123 countries. The publication keeps individuals updated on the trends, events, artists, and issues affecting the international art scene. Experts and novices alike will enjoy the beautiful visuals and inspiring pieces found in each issue. ARTnews focuses on noteworthy collectors, impressive art galleries, and top artists and designers. Individuals who want a well-rounded overview of the art world would enjoy a subscription to ARTnews.

Fine Art Connoisseur magazine is another perfect option for art collectors and aficionados. Written by top notch art authorities, the magazine is filled with reproductions of sculptures, paintings, and art pieces from the past. Each issue also includes American and European art from today’s masters.

Art connoisseurs everywhere will enjoy a subscription to one of our art magazines. Peruse our website for current deals and discounts on art magazines. You’re sure to find something that will entertain and inspire you!