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Showing 31 - 43 of 43 Results

American Girl is a popular magazine for girls aged 8-12. With stories, crafts, games, advice columns, quizzes, fashion suggestions, recipes, and interviews, American Girl is an age-appropriate option for creative, independent girls. With pertinent advice on fitting in, growing up, and developing a personal sense of identity, American Girl magazine is a fabulous option for young girls.

Sports Illustrated for Kids is a great magazine for the young sports lover in your life. Geared toward kids 8-15, Sports Illustrated for Kids contains photos, interviews, puzzles, games, and advice columns. With stories about popular athletes, columns about rules and regulations, and articles about how to play various sports, the magazine is a valuable resource for sports enthusiasts. Sports Illustrated for Kids also publishes special issues for all major sports including football, baseball, and basketball.

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