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Item# 1512982-MA
Published Monthly  12 issues per year

About Materia Magazine

You'll never find a design-related mag that isn't exceptionally well designed itself. That is a simple rule, and one that Materia follows wonderfully, being itself a lovely example of the art of the magazine maker. It seems that all the effort put into creating works of art that people can actually use overflows into the very nature of the magazine itself. Hold on a second. We've stumbled onto something important there. Architectural design truly is art that people can use. Whilst artist might create a picture or a sculpture, or something even more abstract, these are normally things to be observed rather than to be used everyday. To be an architect, however, is to attempt to create a blend of form and function, something highly practical yet unarguably beautiful to look at. Sometimes this doesn't quite happen (1970s, we're looking at you), but for the most part the architect must work in two disparate worlds, bringing together seemingly conflicting disciplines of aesthetics and practicality. That they succeed so often, as can be clearly seen in Materia magazine, is a testament to the skill, training and dedication of the architect. Good job. More Info
12 Issues / Monthly
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About Materia

Issues per Year: 12
Estimated Delivery: 6-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Magazine Cafe

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