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If there's one car that brilliantly sums up England and Britain it is the classic Mini. The modern Mini doesn't really count as a Mini, as it is made by BMW and doesn't quite hold true to the vision of the original. The original on the other hand characterises so many of the finest British qualities around - doing what you can with little, punching significantly above your weight and taking on larger things at what they are good at and beating them. The Mini was just fantastic in terms of what it could achieve despite its small size. Everyone knows small cars are more fun to throw into the corners, and that you feel like you're going faster driving one, but the Mini added a wonderful layer of practicality on top of that. It is no surprise then that this small but mighty car is an almost inevitable presence on every list of the top ten British Icons, alongside red telephone boxes, Big Ben and so on. Over one and a half million Minis were sold in Britain alone, and many, many more were sold overseas as well. It was - and still is for those lucky enough to own one - a true British Icon, a wonderful car and fantastic style statement. More Info
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