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Sales Initiative Magazine Magazine

Sales Initiative Magazine

. . . if it is being sold, weve got it covered.
Business is all about selling. Ideas, products, space, services - from blue chips to governments - the ability to sell is essential to achieve your goals.

Sales Initiative targets the individuals who have chosen sales as their profession, whether out on the road, managing teams, or directing at board level, Sales Initiative addresses this essential corporate function.Sales Initiative will always keep you at the top of your game.

  • of Free Sales Training Practical sales training, tips, motivational techniques, team building exercises, sales meeting structures

  • Lead By Example Interviews with successful sales professionals from all industries. How do they do it, what makes them tick, what can you and your team learn from them?

  • Tools of the Trade Make yourself more efficient, manage your team more effectively. We review the latest devices, gadgets, books, DVDs and software that can make a massive difference to your organisation

  • Climb The Ladder Jobs Jobs Jobs, both in print and online.

  • This is your profession - this is your journal, so what are you waiting for?