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Traction Magazine


TRACTION magazine is the leading railway periodical that focuses purely on the classic period of diesel and electric traction on Britains railways. This was the time from the mid 1950s through to the last years of the twentieth century, when most trains were locomotive hauled or operated by the first generation of diesel and electric multiple units.

The content of the magazine reflects this interesting period, with articles on a wide range of topics by former professional railwaymen, railway historians and enthusiasts. Features covering railway operation, locomotives and multiple units, as well as the day-to-day experiences of railway enthusiasts appear in each issue.

In addition, the magazine has a watching brief to cover the remaining operation of those classic locomotives that are still at work on the national network. The preservation scene is covered in detail, as enthusiasts try to recreate the golden days of locomotive and multiple unit operation on the numerous heritage lines up and down the country.

TRACTION also has a section devoted to modelling Britains railways in the blue and green period of British Rail. Features are aimed at both the railway modeller and also the enthusiast whose interest is primarily in the prototype.

Photographic coverage is a feature of the magazine and, with a large library of colour and black and white images to draw upon, is one of the hallmarks of TRACTION.At present publication is bi-monthly but it is expected that in the near future the magazine will revert to being a monthly periodical.