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Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine

Bushcraft & Survival Skills

A subscription to Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine is perfect for anyone with an interest bushcraft.

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine is the UK's FIRST Bushcraft Magazine. Knowledge is power; contained within the pages of each issue you will find a wealth of articles written by experts, taking you on a 'Bushcraft Adventure' even when you can't get to the woods!

With an interest in bushcraft is at an all time high, its profile has been raised by the new availability of information and of course the Ray Mears television series. Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine is a valuable resource; enhancing your existing knowledge, teaching you new skills, answering your questions and keeping you up to date with courses and equipment suited to bushcraft use.??Throughout the pages of Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine you will find Regular and Feature Articles on subjects such as Tracking, Knives & Axes, Foraging, Flint Knapping, Fire Lighting, Wood Lore and Surviving in the Wild, alongside 'How to...' articles showing you how to make your own kit and projects that use nature's resources.

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine also features Book Reviews, Course Reviews & Kit Reviews to help readers select and buy wisely, Course, Schools & Store Directories advising about what's happening- along with where to go for training and kit.

The magazine also has reader giveaways and competitions enabling you to get hold of some great kit.