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The Selfbuilder Magazine

The Selfbuilder

A subscription to Selfbuilder magazine is the must have renovation bible. As a selfbuilder or if youre renovating your home you need literally hundreds of products from drains to curtains, and dozens of suppliers from architects to TV aerial installers.

Selfbuild Update will bring you all the suppliers in one place. We know you all like to compare prices, performance and specifications SELFBUILD UPDATE is easily accessible and makes information gathering very easy. Selfbuilder magazine is updated every month with all of the latest products to make your renovation project go as smoothly as it possibly can.

The Selfbuilder magazine is an exclusive publication to the market of homebuilding and renovating. A subscription will be delivered to your door monthly jam packed with all of the tools you need to renovate a property. The Selfbuilder will provide you with all the inspiration, how to guide and information you need to make your building project a success.