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Oh Comely Magazine

Oh Comely

A subscription to Oh Comely magazine is ideal for young women looking forsomething unusual, inspiring and special.

Oh Comely is an intelligent magazine to inspire your creativity. Printed every twomonths on high-quality paper, Oh Comely will make you smile and remember topull out a drawing pencil, a guitar or a pair of old roller skates.

Beautiful, dreamy photography accompanies honest and thought-provokingpersonal stories. Interviews with passionate makers cover all sorts, from musiciansto tea towel designers to circus performers. Playful features ponder questions like:How much fun is it possible to have for a pound? Will the Royal Mail mind if youput cheese in the post?

Oh Comely is a beautiful object to treasure on your shelf or cut up and stick on thewall. Its more than just a magazine: its a reminder of the potential inside everyoneto enjoy a creative life.