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Classic Boat Magazine

Classic Boat

A subscription to Classic Boat magazine is ideal for anyone interested in the worlds most classic yachts and traditionally-designed work boats

Every month, Classic Boat magazine showcases the world's most classic yachts and traditionally-designed work boats. Classic Boat magazine is the leading magazine devoted to traditional boating, carrying news reports and features from around the globe, and reflecting how vibrant and inspiring the world of traditional boating has become.

Classic Boat magazine covers boats of all sizes and type, from any era, and made from any material. The magazine is photographically-led and design-led taking inspiration from, and providing inspiration for, all builders and users of beautiful boats.

Whether you're into wood and varnish, or if you just like the look of a well drawn and built boat, Classic Boat is the magazine for you so why not treat yourself or a friend today to a Classic Boat magazine subscription and save up to 19%.

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