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BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

BBC Gardeners' World

A subscription to BBC Gardeners World magazine is just what any gardening enthusiast needs in their life. It contains everything that you love about the television show, but in a glossy magazine that arrives directly to your door, every month!

Its the only magazine that features advice from the worlds biggest gardening experts, such as Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh and Carol Klein and thats why BBC Gardeners World is Britains best-selling gardening magazine.

As a subscriber not only will you get the fantastic content inside every issue practical gardening tips, inspiration from the most beautiful gardens around the world, design ideas and insightful features but youll also get added extras, such as membership to the Gardeners World Subscriber Club, special subscriber editions, a quarterly newsletter and subscriber-only offers.

Theres no better time to buy a BBC Gardeners World magazine subscription!