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British Archaeology Magazine

British Archaeology

Do you know someone who loves archaeology? A year's subscription to British Archaeology, the magazine of the leading UK archaeology charity is the perfect present. It will suit anyone with a passion for delving further into our past - whether they enjoy watching the latest archaeological TV documentaries, visiting historic buildings or digging on ancient sites!

Birthday, Christmas, graduation, thank you - whatever the reason, subscribe to British Archaeology magazine today!

British Archaeology is an authoritative, in-depth source of information and comment on whats new, interesting and important in the world of archaeology.

It is published bi-monthly by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), an environmental charity whose sole purpose is to promote the appreciation, care and understanding of the historic environment.

Written by archaeologists and historians with an eye on the present and something to say about the past, it is the largest, brightest, most forward-looking and talked about UK archaeology magazine ever published.

With regular features by the UKs leading archaeologists and cutting-edge news as it breaks, British Archaeologys regular features include:
Micks Travels
One the Web
In View
CBA correspondent
My Archaeology
Briefing archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

Enjoy the benefits of British Archaeology magazine whilst supporting the CBAs mission to improve awareness and enjoyment of archaeology for the benefit of all and helping to safeguard its future.