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Interni Magazine


There is quite the trend nowadays towards having English translations and texts in the back of publications from the likes of France, Italy and Germany, and it is something we are rather grateful for. We have to admit, our Italian isn't up to scratch (quattro birre per favour being about the limit), so we are happy to not miss out on this excellent publication. Interni comes from Italy, and that means that it is pretty much by default going to be incredibly stylish and modern in what it features. We don't quite know what it is about Italy, perhaps the food, the lifestyle or maybe even something genetic, but they are quite incapable of designing something unappealing. Think of the classic architecture, roman viaducts, coliseums, the renaissance. Let us not forget that today's leading fashion houses are almost exclusively Italian (okay, perhaps with a fair amount of French in there. Interni is elegant, stylish, informative, authoritative and well put together, which we think means it merits a place on any designer's desk as a reference point to exactly what's going on and what's fashionable in the world of design.