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Artists Palette Magazine

Artists Palette

If there's one thing that we're all envious of, it's a good artist. A properly good one, someone who can see something and sketch it to within an inch of its life, or conjure up some fantastic image simply from their mind. Grr, we say, how can you be so talented? It must simply be some gift that they were born with. Well, and this is a little secret we thought we'd share with you, everyone can draw. Not necessarily well to begin with, but we all possess the basic ability to make some marks on a piece of paper, or brush some paint onto a canvas. From there it is all simply a matter of practice. No doubt there are some artists out there who do have a bit of a gift, but for the vast majority their skills have come about through hard work and determination. It is incredibly possible to teach yourself to acquire some of the skills of an artist simply through a bit of practice and trying it out. Artists' Palette offers a useful and practical way to help yourself improve your skills. It may well take a bit of practice to get up to the level of some of the demonstrations - a few are fairly advanced - but it'll certainly be a worthwhile trip.