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Upon Paper Magazine

Upon Paper

UPON PAPER is not a MAGAZINE! A biannual which comes in an extra-large format, curated like an art portfolio with a curious eye and fresh insight, it will become your objet du desire. Each issue features a leitmotif, thematically linking an outstanding ensemble of artists, designers and creatives from all fields and locations. What unites them is not their fame, but the quality of their practice and their contribution. UPON PAPER arises from an intense passion for paper. At an extra-large format (49 x 69cm/19 x 27 inch) it uses a variety of the highest quality papers. Unbound folded sheets are held together by a red cord, allowing each layout to be removed and attached to a wall. A centerfold exclusively presents a single artist s work, and is especially intended for display and framing, designed without text to the front and the sheet unprinted on the reverse. Highlighting artistic practice in an outstanding format makes UPON PAPER an opulent, unique stage for famous and yet-to-be-discovered artists.