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Leap Magazine


China is, to most of us here in the west, still an exotic mystery. Despite being the largest nation on the Earth - one billion and counting - we know far more about pretty much every other country than we seem to about China. We certainly know far more about Japanese culture, art and literature than we do about that of China, and it's something that we need to rectify. Knowing more about the world around you is a wonderful aspiration, and something that we here at Newsstand fully support. Why else would we stock so many different international magazines if not to offer you the chance to expand your mental horizons? Art is perhaps the perfect starting place for beginning this process of expanding the borders of the mind. One of the biggest problems that can be faced when attempting to appreciate another culture can be that of language - it is difficult to take in a novel if you can't read it - but art does not suffer from this as it is visual. Art speaks to the emotions, to the feelings, irrespective of nationality and can offer an accessible insight into an unknown world. Set sail in your mind-ship for some distant horizons with a copy of Leap - the trip will be well worth it.