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Ubuntu User Mag Magazine

Ubuntu User Mag

Tired of throwing all your money at the never-pile of currency that Bill Gates sleeps on every night? Fancy a bit of independence, something free-er that represents the values of the technology community of open-source and accessible software? Dislike the ridiculous focus on style over function and restrictive policies of Apple? Want something a little more refined for everyday use than Linux? Well, this is just the magazine for you. There are some wonderful ideals to be found in the computer and technology worlds. It is those wonderful people who want things to be free, collaborative and creative who are behind Ubuntu - ideals that we much admire but that do not sit well with business men. The very idea of distributing something for free goes against the grain for capitalism, and given how much money Microsoft and Apple make from their monopolisation of the market - a pretty significant cost of any new computer is the OS and the software such as MS Word - it might be a while before they make any truly significant inroads into the market. But we shall pledge our support, standing firmly behind them and cheering on the ideals of open-source software and creative collaboration.