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Fantasy Artist Magazine

Fantasy Artist

The possibilities really are endless when going about creating your own computer based artwork. Gone are the days when the standard 'paint' software was the only means of expressing yourself digitally. Those readers who enjoy finding new ways to create digital art will enjoy the challenges that this magazine will bring them. There will normally be extensive pages full of tutorials to improve any digital artist whatever their level of expertise. The magazine will also regularly supply a free CD which will contain further workshop activities and more opportunities to learn. We are truly in a new age of computer software and design. The most amazing 3D films such as Avatar are a testament of how far computer programming and digital art has come today. We think that those readers who may be interested in a future career as a digital artist and related programmes should definitely check this magazine out. It will keep the readers up to date with the latest technology so there is no excuse not to start creating the most state-of-the-art portfolio. Any digital artist who wants to stay ahead of developing technologies should buy this magazine. Here at Newsstand you can buy individual issues of magazines as well as whole subscriptions. We challenge any budding digital artist to not get hooked on their first issue of Fantasy Artist magazine.