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Airsoft International Magazine

Airsoft International

This magazine is quite a macho creation. We can really see men in particular loving this magazine! Now before all the feminists start to send us angry letters, we don't mean that in a sexist way. We say this because we think it is honestly supposed to be more aimed at males than females. For example a lot of the adverts feature scantily clad women! (Although we are sure that there are budding female airsoft players out there!). This magazine is well suited to the gentleman who has a big obsession with James bond or the Borne trilogy! The airsoft community is all about having fun and team building. The games that are played are designed to be fun but also develop the player's skills in many areas. It is the ideal pursuit for the hard working reader who enjoys the outdoors and occasionally needs to let off a little steam once and a while! In some ways it is the ideal method for people to role play in military battle situations in a safe manner. This magazine likes to provide testing and reviews on new equipment from all over the world. The magazine prides itself on being honest about what it thinks about the new products. Airsoft International will often have guest writers who try the products out for a month and then give reports on how they found using them in the field. The magazine also shows readers how to care for their equipment. Which will not only make the reader's equipment last longer but also ensures that all the machinery is in a safe condition to use. Which is obviously very important with this type of pursuit!