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Blocco Enigmistico Magazine

Blocco Enigmistico

There's nothing quite like a puzzle to pass the time. We love them here in Britain, and it seems that they are loved the world over as well, judging from the array international puzzle magazines we stock. Incidentally, if we were ever to enter the world of professional wrestling, Il Blocco Enigmistico is that our fans would be chanting. We think that this love is a result of that indefinable human need to keep busy. Oh, we all say that we're feeling stressed and could do with a holiday, that we're working far too hard and need a day off, but give a busy person a whole week to themselves with nothing at all to do and they will go quite mad - it's cabin fever. The human brain doesn't seem to be all that well adjusted to the notion of doing nothing, and there is no point where we can simply be happy to exist, instead we need to occupy ourselves with something, whether this is in the form of television, games, reading, work, or in this case, puzzles. Every time we stop for five minutes to have a quick tea break we are tempted to crack out the crossword and keep ourselves busy. It's only human.