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Esquire Spanish Magazine

Esquire Spanish

There are only a few ways, in my personal opinion that men can dress truly stylishly and immaculately. There's the suit, of course. Structured and sexy, it's connotations precede the material itself, but it cannot be denied, men of all ages look perfect in a well fitted suit. On the other hand, where should they turn for casual wear? A favourite choice of many men is the witty slogan t-shirt and the 3/4 length army shorts. This look is a slap in the face to fashion designers the world over. Why not try and flattering pair of chino shorts and a loose open neck white shirt? Plain t shirts, soft trousers and breathable shoes are always going to be the victorious option over grotty trainers and the stereotypical 'I have the body of a's Buddha!' T-shirt. As we welcome summer with open arms, it would be wise for most men to take a glance at some of the fashion pieces in Esquire. Boat shoes, lightweight shirts and soft airy trousers, accompanied by leather belts, canvas shoes and a pair of aviator sunglasses, a look that will suit men of any age, size and stature. Elegance and confidence are traits that will never, ever, go out of fashion, so best stock up now. Venga hombre!