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View 2 Magazine

View 2

Textile View 2 is the new sister publication of the classic Textile View. While Textile View Magazine continues to follow designer and r-t-w textiles and fashion with associated lifestyle and marketing issues, View2 has a younger slant and it is totally dedicated to the world of casual, sports and jeanswear for men?s, women?s and childrenswear. It is designed to fill an information gap that truly helps manufacturers and retailers design, make and sell urban sports products the market really wants. In its form, quality and level of information, View2 mirrors its sister publication with features dedicated to city updates, lifestyle, express, current and future fashion directions. As with Textile View, its contributors all come from the industry itself and have work experience with the biggest names in the industry from fabrics to shoe manufacturing. That means View2 is a business-to-business magazine, whose staff and editors know exactly what you need to range-build successfully. It?s almost like having your own consultant.