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Code Magazine


There are those who say that men's fashion should be functional, practical and above all boring. They claim that style is something that should be left to the ladies who are frankly very good at it, and that a manly man shouldn't care about his appearance.Well, they are comprehensively wrong. Everybody wants to look their very best, no matter how much they might claim that they are not bothered. Secretly every fellow wishes that he had the movie star good looks of a Leo DiCaprio or a Brad Pitt, and the fashion sense to match. Every morning, every man will look in the mirror, no matter how much they claim otherwise, and try their best to salvage something presentable from the previous night's excesses. Or maybe that's just us. Nowadays there is absolutely no reason why looking stylish and fashionable is anything that would call into question your manliness. Real men can work hard, party hard and still retain an indescribable air of cool. It might have to appear that you aren't making an effort - think Steve McQueen - but even that seemingly careless look requires a huge amount of work to pull off. Code magazine contains the very best in fashion and elegance, and is perfect for the man who wants to make a statement of style.