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Dedicate Magazine


We love culture here at Newsstand HQ. Barely a day goes by without one of us wanting the day off to travel up to London and visit an exhibition or two, or go to the museums, or watch an up and coming band - you've probably never heard of them... Having established our hipster credentials there, you can see why we absolutely love Dedicate magazine. The fact that it's French yet has an English translation nicely hidden away at the back means that we can appear stylish and multicultural whilst still knowing what is going on, and increases its rarity value, again making us seem ever more cool and trendy. Dedicate is that rarest of culture magazines - one that not only succeeds as a piece of artwork and exceptional design in its own right but also is actually really interesting to read. It isn't bound by any limitations in what it covers - frankly you get the feeling they cover whatever they want to as long as it is trendy and maybe a little edgy. If you ever happen to come round our house and see a copy of Dedicate resting on the coffee table and ask us exactly what it is, please don't be offended by us putting on our snootiest airs and saying 'Oh, its this amazing French culture magazine, you've probably never heard of it...', we simply can't help ourselves sometimes.