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I Love You Magazine

I Love You

I Love You Magazine is synonymous with fashion. The content is all laid out in an understated and rather elegant art direction with more than a nod to the an angular German modernism. With a fashion theme running through the issue, we are offered a variety of ways in which our surroundings & pop culture penetrate current women?s fashion, most of it fairly tangential in its approach. The dominant understated style of the magazine?s fashion stories ? with a few nods to Disco era camp here and there- flows fairly smoothly through the magazine. In various places it is easy to see what the appeal is to women: the glamourous images of women in chic clothes remain somehow fairly direct, making it feel like the depiction is of actual women living in one?s city, dressing up in a fashionable style for their own pleasure rather than a presentation of some unattainable perfection worked to death in Photoshop.