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Sante Magazine Magazine

Sante Magazine

I feel that I should confess something to you - I am neither French nor female, making me perhaps not in the best position to offer my opinion on how well the features found in Sante actually work. Phew, glad we got that out in the open. What I do know, however, is the quality of magazines, and I can firmly say that this is a pretty impressive one in that regard. Each issue has a friendly, familiar tone that manages to offer advice without ever sounding preachy, and the magazine itself has a bold, colourful refreshing design. There is a very impressive amount of content, covering a whole range of different health topics of interest to today's modern woman, from sun cream recommendations to the best beauty treatments. The part that caught my eye however was the rather excellent looking nutrition section, featuring some sound advice for those looking to improve their health through either exercise or diet - and all of the featured recipes looked delicious. That reminds me, must cut down on the pizza and do some more on the running machine. If a bloke like me can find Sante to be an actually interesting and informative read, then if you fit either the French or female aspects of it being a French women's health magazine then you are in for a treat.