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Archaeological Diggings Magazine

Archaeological Diggings

Indiana Jones has a lot to answer for. Magazines such as this one showcase the very best of archaeology, the stunning finds, the fascinating architecture of world famous features such as the Pyramids, the on-going investigations that may just reveal something world-changing. This is all well and good (rather surprising good - great magazine this one!), but these were found not through swashbuckling archaeology but through painstaking, time consuming and patience wearing effort. Not once did the fine archaeologists featured in the magazine ever swing across a chasm using only a bullwhip (well, probably not. We don't actually know that for sure). The whole facade of archaeology being a dangerous but thrilling pursuit is a flimsy one - doing this in Britain is likely to involve far more Time-Team-ian digging through a muddy field in Norfolk than snakes and scorpions. Perhaps that is the reason that Archaeological Diggings focuses on the middle-east, rather than the east-midlands. We are pretty sure that there was a lot more interesting history being made over there than over here. So, in summary - Indiana Jones and the Swashbuckling Facade, effort and time spent in the middle-east and muddy fields in the middle of England. At least in the middle-east they'd have some nice weather and a chance of finding something genuinely exciting.