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Maison Cote Ouest Magazine

Maison Cote Ouest

Those of us that dream of escaping boring, grey old England and fleeing to the more exotic France will be delighted by this beautifully photographed and informative magazine. Maisons Cote Ouest presents your options for decorating your home, reflecting the unique personality and philosophy of the West of France. Whether you have property in the West of France, or just want to bring the West of France into your home wherever you are, Maisons Cote Ouest is a delightful foray into the shared pleasures and histories of living in the houses of the West of France, and cannot fail to inspire your creativity when it comes to decorating your home.The Maisons Cote series of magazines understands that each area of France has it's own distinctive home decorative tastes and requirements. Maison Cote Ouest magazine brings you the west coast style, a tastefully made and irrestistably French magazine. Also contains some French property listings.