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Ideat Magazine


A French design magazine. Bienvenue dans le monde d'Ideat, un monde pour tous ceux qui trouvent leur personnalite dans toutes les formes de creation actuelle, un monde fait de modernite parce que nous revendiquons notre epoque. Un monde plus decontracte, un monde plus design, plus colore, plus vivant et plus riche. French design is exploding into life, and this magazine chronicles the electrifying growth that is happening in the scene at the moment. With cutting-edge designs from top designers and full page colour photos of successful projects, Ideat carries ideas on furniture and lighting to complement your architectural choices. "Ideat" is defined in English as "the actual existence supposed to correspond with an idea", but in French it simply means "ideas". It's still apt though: Ideat magazine featuring physical executions of interior design ideas, beautifully and stylishly implemented. C'est pas moche. Buy a single copy or subscribe for all the ideas and information you need to get your living spaces the way you want them