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Maison Decor Mediter Magazine

Maison Decor Mediter

Having recently begun the process of moving home, it has become clear to us just what a new place to call your own represents. You have a chance to leave behind all the old ways of living that had slowly evolved in your old house, all the little inconveniences that you put up with because it was easier than doing something about them, and start again. You have a clean slate, a situation where you can start afresh and design the interior of your house just the way you like it. Here are a few of our favourite thoughts:The Mediterranean: Taking inspiration from Maisons & Decors, create a wonderfully laidback French atmosphere, full of classy design, lots of wood, fine wine and the very best cheeses. Be sure to have plenty of beds and the odd hammock here and there for a petit somme after lunch. The Futuristic: Everything is wired into a single remote control. Flatscreen TVs everywhere, all the high tech gadgetry you can fit in. Downsides - losing the remote down the back of your space-sofa and not being able to do anything. The Realistic: Not one of our favourites but one of the most likely. Begin with lots of great plans, lack the time to implement them and settle back into a comfortable old routine.