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Ofarch Magazine


Whenever we receive a wonderful design and architecture magazine such as OfArch here at Newsstand, we can't help but instantly flick through to the section that features some of the most sumptuously designed yet practical offices in existence and drool a little. We of course do appreciate all the other parts of an excellent magazine such as this, but it is there that our attention first falls. We believe that fantastic design in the workplace is something that is hugely appreciated by workers. Whatever you do at work is always affected by tiny little things - how much you've had to eat, your blood sugar levels, stress levels and of course that all important English factor; whether you've satisfied your tea quotient for the day, or T.Q. Every little thing can truly make a difference to workplace performance, so it is no surprise that workers in boring brown offices will output less exciting and excellent work than those housed within beautiful examples of office design, combining light, space and amazing visuals to create an inspiring atmosphere. Just be careful not to make it too amazing, or your workers will spend so long staring at their surroundings that they'll forget to do any work.