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Easy Living Magazine

Easy Living

Sometimes lifestyle magazine can feel a little cold, a little distant - as though the person writing it doesn't really have any interest in what they are talking about. Easy Living magazine is the complete polar opposite to this; you can practically feel the warmth glowing out from every page of this well designed mag. This really adds to the overall feel of the magazine, and we are impressed that it covers so many different areas as it does, and manages to offer useful advice and helpful recommendations in every single one. We can promise you that you won't ever find yourself thinking 'oh, I wish they had included coverage of this...' because as soon as you turn the page you will find it - we're not kidding, this magazine is absolutely fantastic value for what it offers. So, for a warm, comprehensive, journalistic and solid women's lifestyle mag for those aged around 30-50 (though age really only is a number), we can't recommend anything better than making a nice cuppa, picking out a few biscuits and putting your feet up with a copy of Easy Living - you'll soon be living as easily as the title suggests.