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Bad Day Magazine

Bad Day

Bad Day is one of those publications that makes us feel incredibly old and un-trendy. It is a fascinating import from Canada, and features some wonderfully strange art and culture that, whilst we couldn't quite explain it, we certainly enjoyed its oddity. This is perhaps an example of the wonderful phenomenon we like to call the 'Hipster's Paradox'. Something like this has a 'cool' value that is inherently linked to how underground it is. You get the chance to say "Oh, I read this great little culture magazine, but you've probably never heard of it", thus scoring Hipster Points and crushing your rivals self-esteem. However, the better a magazine is, the less likely it is to stay underground, and the more likely it is to gain a much wider, more mainstream audience. So, a better magazine is likely to be one that more people have heard of, and thus, despite being really rather good, have less perceived value. The above is not only proof that we are in no way qualified to be cultural anthropologists, but also no doubt a worry for Bad Day - they wouldn't want to be too mainstream or it'll seem like they've sold out. Based upon the issue we've just had a look at, they don't need to worry about their content being mainstream - it was far too bizarre for us to properly appreciate!