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Sup Magazine


We can only assume that when the editorial staff of SUP decided to adopt the acronym of their sport as the title of their magazine they knew it was also a casual, laidback, surfer kind of greeting - 'sup?' Regardless of the name, we have to admit that SUP was a bit of a new one to us. Has heard of surfing, knows the imagery of the surfing riding a huge wave, mastering nature on a flimsy board. Despite seeming to be an offshoot of surfing, it is actually closely related to the origins, with the paddle being the traditional method of propulsion out to sea by the Polynesian originators of surfing. We think that paddle-surfing represents something just as good as surfing itself - we are not going to play the two off against each other because they are both good in their own way. It is much, much easier to learn to Stand Up Paddle surf - even a completely uncoordinated non-athlete such as us here at Newsstand could learn how to do it in about an hour, and it offers a nice, relaxing way to enjoy the water. We love the idea of paddling down a river with a couple of mates, exploring exotic and new scenery, and as soon as we get some decent weather we'll be down the local canal to give it a try.