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Modern Locomotives Magazine

Modern Locomotives

We are firm supporters of the public transport network here at Newsstand. We believe that not only is public transport much, much more efficient and good for the environment than driving a car, but it is also much cheaper, and potentially much faster. There is, unarguably at the moment, a non-infinite supply of oil and thus petrol. If we accept this, then we also have to accept that we need to make the best possible use of that which we have remaining, and the clear answer is mass public transport. Trains, however, are our particular favourite. Free from the hassle of trying to navigate the complex workings of a modern city and the never-ending headache of traffic jams, the train can take you right to where you want to be - as long as there is a station there. It is on this point that we want to have a little rant. Many of us grew up in the years after the Beeching Report, when the many lovely little stations that were dotted across the country serving small, out-of the way towns and villages were closed down, purely because of costs. This was a travesty to our minds - if you ever want to convince people to take up public transport then ease of service is necessary. Instead of spending untold billions of pounds making the journey from Birmingham to London half an hour quicker, that money could have made rail accessible to millions more people across the UK.