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Hypebeast Magazine


Hypebeast magazine is major contributor to today's lifestyle & fashion l&scape. Hypebeast magazine is a groundbreaking promotes developments in fashion & culture. The growth of Hypebeast magazine has seen the focus transcend from its initial roots to encompass all forms of fashion, arts, design & culture - making it the premier magazine for cultural enthusiasts, tastemakers & influencers alike. The impact of Hypebeast blog has been paramount in constructing today's outlook on lifestyle. With the current readership for Hypebeast spanning the world over, the result is up to 3 million unique visitors & 20 million page views per a month, establishing Hypebeast as one of the most influential of its kind. As a site, Hypebeast includes several different facets which include a daily blog for the latest happenings HBTV which offers a unique cinematic insight into the world that surrounds Hypebeast, a forum which serves as a vibrant online community for all to discuss & engage in relevant subjects & finally the Hyperbeast magazine which brings glossy fashion to the masses.