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Loaded Magazine


Loaded is for the young man with a naughty sense of humour, there will be plenty of jokes and stilly anecdotes to keep you entertained for hours. We have to admit that we had a flick through Loaded with keen interest. It's like looking into the mind of a man and frankly not really being that surprised. If you like a laugh and aren't averse to seeing scantly clad beautiful women in barely-there outfits then we can safely say that you will like this magazine. The magazine will often have interviews with the best comedians around at the moment, with the likes of Alan Partridge and Greg Davies; readers can sit back and have a laugh with these extremely talented and funny individuals. Loaded magazine clearly holds their readers in high regard and will publish their letters and tweets about the magazine in each issue so readers can see what others think about their favourite magazine as well as having a giggle at Loaded's often witty and sharp replies. As well as women, there will also be essential film and music sections which will keep the reader up to date with the latest releases and often provides ratings and reviews. There is also a section called 'shiny things' which 'boldly goes where no man has stopped before'. This section will bring the reader all the best new gadgets and high-tech gismos that will fascinate and intrigue you. If you are a sucker for the must-have gadget and want to get your hands on the latest products then this section should be a real treat.