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Lotto Magazine


Lotto Magazine:Based on the theory of "Six stable zones" by Dr. Roswita Konigswieser, was lottery magazine. This magazine has set itself the task of each of these zones more precisely examine each in one issue and send to people on a journey of exploration of human identity. "According to this theory, the so-called six-zone control certain areas of the personality and actions that define the identity of the person. The effort of every individual is to keep as many of the six zones stable. Are all areas stable, and consistent with their own ideas, which is based on the personality, like winning the lottery. "Says the press release. "These six zones are: man places, objects, power, organization and ideas in terms of human values." The first of six issues, after which the magazine project is completed again, deals with the idea in the sense of humanistic values. The magazine includes very diverse, exciting and artistic interpretations on this subject and there are loud magazine cover "aspects such as religiosity, philosophy, devotion and passion, morality and ethics, science and politics lit." Likewise, it will read and scroll through the individual contributions boring through the varied picture frame ever. To recommend only the command of the German and the English language since the magazine is designed to be German and English texts remain German and English. So we can look forward to what lies ahead in the other five editions.