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Murder Most Foul Magazine

Murder Most Foul

"Murder most foul" is of course a quote from Shakepeare's Hamlet: "Murder most foul as in the best it is / But this most foul, strange and unnatural." Murder is always foul wherever you find it, but Murder Most Foul magazine brings you the most horrible, "strange and unnatural" murders, only more horrible because they are absolutely true. Shakespeare again: "Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long." Murder Most Foul magazine brings to the public eye more than the newspapers can give you: detailed accounts of the murders, the murderers' motives, their methods. Featured here too are the brave detectives working to bring them in. It's much more gripping and accessible than reading Shakespeare, but with the same epic themes: murder, most foul, most horrible, in all its variations. Buy a single copy and read more than 16 true accounts of murder, or take out a subscription and get the most horrible murders delivered to your door quarterly. You'll be shocked and amazed at the depths humanity can sink to: only more shocking because you know that everything you read in Murder Most Foul magazine is absolutely true.