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Modern Mini Magazine

Modern Mini

This is a must-read for all the mini enthusiasts out there. It is one of the more obvious magazines we have here at Newsstand. No further explanation is really required...but we'll do our best. The magazine is released on a bi-monthly basis and will be jam packed with all the Mini knowledge, facts and information you could possibly want to know. The product reviews and information is probably one of the most helpful features as it shows the reader the best products for your vehicle. The majority of the products are tested and reviewed independently so the reader knows that they are going to get good honest advice. There will also be fascinating information on the various Mini shows all over the UK. Such as the Mini British show at Himley, where readers can drool over the best minis around and have a giggle at some of the owners extreme dedication towards making their cars look the very best. There will also usually be interesting and informative question and answer sections where readers can have the opportunity to get all their tricky questions answered in a much needed straight talking manner. If you want to save yourself some cash and get some quick and easy solutions then Mini magazine will have the answers to all your troubling Mini car needs.