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911 & Porsche World Magazine

911 & Porsche World

The first thing we noticed about this magazine is that it is full of glossy images. Fans definitely couldn't argue that there aren't enough pictures! Nearly every page features a glossy picture of the car in a different scenario! The writing in the 911&Porsche magazine is mostly contained in short to the point articles which are useful as it gives the reader lots of information on different topics. The magazine is very varied and contains lots of information on many different issues. One thing that annoyed us here at Newsstand about this magazine is that it is very heavily populated by advertisements. Admittedly each advert is relevant to the subject matter but they do take up a large portion of the magazine. (Which we think may annoy some of our readers!). It would really depend on the reader to decide if they mind ploughing through a lot of advertisements. The Porsche classified section which can mostly be found at the rear of the magazine is full of adverts for Porsches which are all over the UK. Not only does it list Porsches for sale it also commonly lists number plates, parts and merchandise. Readers can add an advertisement to the magazine for free through the magazine's website. However the free adverts will normally only allow for a small number of words. We suspect that if a reader wanted to use more words then they may have to deal with an extra cost. Nevertheless we liked this idea and think that readers would find this section very useful. If you are one of the many fans of the iconic Porsche 911, then this magazine will be manna from heaven with reviews and pictures from some of the models released over the car's long and distinguished lifetime.