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JAGUAR WORLD Monthly Magazine


This magazine is a must read for any Jaguar enthusiasts out there. The magazine will regularly make comparisons and carry out testing with rival brands on new and pre-owned Jaguars. True fanatics of the Jaguar will be pleased to know that the writers will always bring the readers the best and most up to date articles on the subject. The writers, like the readers are completely obsessed with everything to do with the beautiful cars. Jaguar World Monthly will also contain interesting motorsport coverage for fans looking to catch up on the latest podium results and races, There will also be excellent profiles of the reader's favourite classic models, such as the E-type, Mk 2 and many more. We think that both owners and fans of the cars will enjoy this magazine. It doesn't matter if you are not lucky enough to own a Jag yourself at the moment. Those readers without one of the stunning Jaguars will still find the magazine enjoyable and entertaining. We think that those readers, who one day hopes to own a Jag of their very own, can use this magazine to organise their wish list! For those readers who have a 'do it yourself' attitude, there will also be fascinating maintenance features in Jaguar World Monthly magazine which will give readers the confidence to check their own vehicles for problems. Readers will soon feel confident to fix minor problems with out forking out for pricey mechanics fees, if they are feeling brave enough of course!