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Performance Bmw Magazine

Performance Bmw

The BMW is really a hallmark for motoring excellence. If you want a car that moves like a rocket, is incredibly reliable and practical yet is also safe at the same time then the BMW has long been the brand of choice. Whether you want a family sized estate car, or want to scream to your business meeting in an exciting M5 then you really only have one choice. What car you drive can say a lot about you. Of course, we do not simply judge on appearances and material possessions here at Newsstand, but there is nevertheless a significant correlation between car and person (though perhaps at least some of this is simply down to cost). For example, someone who drives a Ferrari is rich, flamboyant and probably fun to be around, but hardly someone to rely on in a crisis. An Alfa-Romeo driver might be passionate, but you can expect them to break down at the drop of a hat. Someone who chooses the Lamborghini might be exciting and fun, but just a little unhinged. The BMW driver however can be anything and everything - fast yet reliable, a businessman or woman but who know how to kick of their shoes, loosen their tie and have fun. Truly, the BMW is a versatile vehicle, now if only we could afford one.